Why Me?

I never knew what to call “us.”

Whenever I ask you if we were friends, you would always tell me that we are not. Of course, I wouldn’t ask you if we are more than that. I am not crazy. Well, I am crazy but not that crazy. I also think that it was best not to ask that. I’ll probably wouldn’t like your answer, anyway.

You are so unique, so different from others. You don’t even look at people when you talk to them. You don’t like people touching you. You cringe at the idea of sharing a cup, a plate with another person even when you are in the company of friends and sharing cups and plates is one of things you just do.

That’s why I can’t help but think at times, “How and why did we ever become what we were?”

How did someone like you, who mostly kept to himself, approach me one afternoon and talk to me? What pushed you to sit beside me at the table in the pantry and show me those confusing line and bar graphs? I barely know you, then. I can’t even remember if we were introduced to each other. I just knew that you were the new guy in the office.

Looking back, I don’t see any reason why you would talk to me, which time and time again brings me back to my question. Why ME?






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