OTWOL: How Simon-Leah Makes Sense and Doesn’t Make Sense At The Same Time

We don’t really know whether LeMOn (Leah and Simon of OTWOL) makes sense or not, but what I do know and what I’m sure of is that this blog TOTALLY does.

For all OTWOListas out there, this is a must-read.


SIMON-LEAH Cover 2 Credits to ABS-CBN for the screenshot

(Edit: I added my thoughts on the possible direction OTWOL will take based on the previews they’ve teased during last night’s episode [episode 120])

With the introduction of Paulo Avelino as Sir Simon aka “Mr. Hitler” on On The Wings Of Love, it seems that the writers are setting-up a possible third-party to go in-between the already solid relationship of Clark and Leah. And they have not been subtle with this idea, giving hints in episodes that Simon will eventually form some kind of affection towards Leah. With the proliferation and oversaturation of kabitseryes not so long ago, some people are understandably not chill with this idea. At a character standpoint, is it inevitable that Leah will also develop feelings for Simon? Let’s try to figure this out by examining her current men, Jigs and Clark. Similarities between the two may point out what Leah…

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